Restaurant Grill Tonbul with delicious food in Frankfurt am Main.

The Grill Tonbul restaurant offers outdoor seating. The restaurant offers a very cozy atmosphere. You can also take away the delicious dishes. The grill states that all its food is Halal. The Grill Tonbul is one of the best doner kebab snack bars in Frankfurt am Main.

Open daily!

Phone number: 0 69 - 28 41 79

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The salads, döner and lahmacun are always freshly prepared.

The customer service is always very friendly.

Constantly fresh salads taste great.

All fresh ingredients are bought daily.

For Large &rszlig; and there is something small.

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Cosy restaurant with outdoor area.

The Grill Tonbul also offers an outdoor area in good weather.

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What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning "allowed" or "permissible".

In Islam, halal refers specifically to the regulations for what is permitted as food.

According to Islamic regulations, certain foods such as pork and alcohol are forbidden.

Halal foods must also be prepared and labeled in a specific way to ensure they comply with Islamic regulations.

Halal food is consumed by many Muslims around the world and is also available to non-Muslims.

There are also halal certification organizations that deal with the monitoring and certification of halal food.


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