Menu from the Tonbul grill.

The Grill Tonbul restaurant offers a variety of Turkish dishes, including the always delicious döner and lahmacun. The grill claims to prepare all of their food Halal.

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Open daily!

Phone number: 0 69 - 28 41 79


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The food is always freshly prepared.

Various salads are offered, which are always freshly prepared.

The Restaurant Grill Tonbul also offers pizzas.

Different dishes are also offered.

The dishes are also available to take away.

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The delicious boats (pide) are perfect as a starter or as a dessert, or as a snack for in between.

All pizzas and pocket meals are always freshly and deliciously prepared.

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what is halal doner kebab ?

Döner kebab is a popular street food dish made from thinly sliced, grilled meat (usually beef or chicken) that is cooked on a skewer. is rotated and various side dishes such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauces are served in a flatbread.

There are also halal doner kebabs that are specially prepared for Muslims and comply with Islamic regulations.

Halal doner kebabs are usually made with Halal certified meat and must be prepared in a specific way to comply with Islamic regulations.

Döner kebabs are popular in many parts of the world and can be bought at döner kebab restaurants or street stalls.

There are also many different variations of the doner kebab, depending on where you eat it.

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